Learn to Swim

at Playford Aquadome

Bluefit Swimming

Been searching for swimming lessons in Playford or Elizabeth for yourself or your child to enjoy? The BlueFit swimming club at Playford Aquadome is the answer!

BlueFit swimming lessons cater to Elizabeth and Playford locals of all ages and abilities. As the leading swimming club in the Elizabeth and Playford areas, BlueFit offers infant, school-aged and adolescent classes for children of all levels. 

As an infant, your child will be introduced to water-based play, which familiarises them with the water. School-aged children will start developing their independence in the water, learning techniques like the breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly or freestyle. Teenagers will be able to beginner or advanced classes depending on their starting point, with a strong focus on endurance.

With swimming being a vital life skill, it makes perfect sense to enrol your children in the top swimming school in the Elizabeth and Playford areas. Help your child develop their strength and confidence in the water as well as socialise with other children by enrolling them in the Learn to Swim program. Better yet, the program also runs throughout the school holidays, making for a fantastic way to stay occupied during the break.

Why you should opt for BlueFit classes

  • Our lessons are reasonably priced

  • Classes are small and intimate

  • You’ll receive free access to the Aquadome aquatic facilities outside of lessons

  • Make up classes are offered if you ever miss a class

  • Eager swimmers can access multi-child and multi-lesson discounts

  • Clear progression from babies through to swim club and squad

Experience Our
Learn to Swim Program Today

Want to learn how to swim in Elizabeth or Playford?

If you’ve been looking for adult’s swimming lessons in Elizabeth or Playford to work on your own swimming skills, you’ll be pleased to know that BlueFit also cater to adults of all abilities. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a more advanced swimmer looking to refine your skills, our instructors and coaches will make you feel at home. It’s truly never too late to learn how to swim!

BlueFit also cater to special needs learners, teaching one-on-one classes to develop students’ confidence. Once they have learnt the foundations, students will be able to join group lessons which provide a wonderful social outlet.

It’s time to finally conquer your fear of the water or freshen up your swimming skills with BlueFit at Playford Aquadome!

Contact Playford Aquadome for more information, or contact us directly at enquiries@bluefitswimming.com.au