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8 Week Challenge Member Interview

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BlueFit Health Clubs are currently running an 8-week challenge with more than 700 participants! This week we sat down and spoke with one of our top challengers, Christine, about her journey so far.

How long have you been a member? What have you been enjoying it?

Probably a couple of years now. I do enjoy the classes. Because I’m retired, I am looking for social connections whereas when you’re working you have that all the time. So that’s been good and classes have been good! My favourite class is Fit and Fabulous but I do Aqua as well.

What has been the biggest struggle for you over the last 2 years since Covid? Do you think this has impacted your health and fitness?

Because you couldn’t go to the gym and like I said I wanted the social connection I, therefore, didn’t have the motivation to do a lot of stuff. Fortunately, I could get on the bike and go for a bike ride and that helped but to do just go for a walk doesn’t do it necessarily for me. I wanted to get upper body strength and you don’t get that from walking.

Have you been doing any weight training at the gym or just the classes?

Well, the classes have weight training in it, the Fit and Fab I use 2-2.5kg weights with exercises. I was at 1kg, now I’m at 2-2.5kg. Even in aqua against the water. You can push yourself as you like. Apart of the 8-week challenge, Chris (trainer) gave me a little program with the machines so I’ve been using those as well. I increased the weight as well so far depending on what machine it is.

What made you decide to join the challenge?

I wanted to get back into a routine, but also I really wasn’t prepared to do it on my own so I asked around and I eventually found a buddy who was willing to do it too. So we catch up on a Tuesday and while she is doing aqua, I do the machines, then we have coffee, go for a walk and then we do a Fit and Fabulous together. So we compare notes.

How have you felt since starting the challenge?

Fitter, more muscle, which is what I wanted because I had lost muscles in my arms. I think its a combination of everything, going to the classes, going to fit and fab on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and I do the machines on a Tuesday, then walking on Wednesday, cycling on the Friday and aqua on a Saturday.

How are you going? Are there any interim results you can share?

Lost 2 kilos, and 2% body fat, the food bit is hard. I’ve noticed my clothes are a little bit looser. Still got some tight ones though!

Do you have any tips for other members who might be struggling to stick to a new fitness program?
Well, definitely having a buddy helps because you got someone to talk to about it and you won’t bore someone else. Other people don’t necessarily wanna hear about it but if you got someone who is also doing it, you can say look you know I had ice cream the other day and they say ahh yes! I had a couple of chocolate biscuits you know you both say okay well we’ve gotta stop that!

So I think that would be the main thing and as long as you’re enjoying the activities and I am enjoying them at the moment so that’s good.

It also really helps that the people (trainers) taking them (the classes) are, not necessarily motivating but they seem to enjoy taking the classes, and I know in the past, I was reflecting on this the other day, we had some people who would say “come on, push it a bit harder” but for my age group that doesn’t necessarily work. Might be when you’re younger and you can push more. But my age group you don’t need that, one of the girls said to us you’re doing well team, and you think you know that’s great, we’re looking okay here! Even if we’re not coordinated or whatever, she’s keeping us in a positive frame.

Also, some instructors know this is what you can do, this is level 1, level 2, and level 3. That’s really good so that you set your own limits because you know some people will feel that they have to go flat out and that’s not necessarily the best. Because even though someone can look ok there might be other issues that aren’t obvious.

What were your goals? 
My goals were to definitely lose weight and to get into a fitness routine. I feel like I have accepted what I really like to do and I don’t have to be at the gym every day but I’m there more than once or twice a week.

With under two weeks left to go, we wish the rest of our members all the best for the rest of their journey. We can’t wait to see the final results and hear about all the goals you’ve achieved over the last 2 months!


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