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BlueFit Health Club 8-Week Challenge Results & Winners 2022

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From February to April 2022, we had challengers across Australia at 11 health clubs, journey to a better place in their health and fitness journey.

We have over 1000 entries competing for the national jackpot of $1000 cash as well as a free 12-month membership for individual club winners.

Congratulations to our National female winner, Kylie from Essendon who lost 9.0kg and 6.9% in body fat and our National male winner, Stephen from Belmont who lost 12.1kg and 3.1% in body fat! Here’s what they had to say about their journey.

Stephen: The challenge encouraged me to focus on my diet and the group classes really helped increase my fitness. I feel I have much more energy to keep up with my kids and have fun with them. I have never stuck out anything like this before and I am blown away with my results. I have lost 12kgs in just 8 weeks and I am so happy with that I am going to keep up my new healthy lifestyle habits.

Kylie: In mid-Jan 2022 I was 20kg overweight and decided it was time to move it. With no exercise in over 10 years I started gently with some classes, and worked out a weights program. The challenge came along at the right time because I’d already lost 5kgs and was keen to smash out the rest. It’s given me good drive, focus and determination. I cut out all bread, sugar and alcohol and reduced my daily calories. I’m now down 15kgs and 2 dress sizes, feeling fantastic and have tons of energy to keep burning.

A huge shout out to our site winners who won a free 12-month membership:
Lisa, our overall female winner who lost 7kg and 3.4% in body fat and Adrian, our overall male winner who lost 7.4kg and 1.6% in body fat! See what they had to say about their journeys below.


“I was a member at the Aquadome and felt the challenge would be a great chance for me to get back on track with my weight loss. I had a back injury 1 week before the challenge started so I focused on more diet and some gentle walking. [Since the challenge completed, I have been] trying to keep motivated by eating healthy keeping active when and where I can. [My advice for others is] you need to feel comfortable. So find somewhere you feel comfortable training and comfortable doing. Keep active, park further away from supermarkets etc little things add up to making a big difference.”


“When signing up for the challenge I had a plan to lose 0.5 to 1 kg a week over the 8 weeks. The competitive aspect of the challenge was a good motivator. Who wouldn’t want to win a thousand dollars, slim down and improve their fitness? Another contributing factor to my success in losing a substantial amount of weight and reaching new personal bests in my compound lifts was the support of the bluefit Aquadome staff. The personal training was a massive help with the form of my lifts. The body scans were very insightful into what I was actually achieving and helped with that ever hard to find motivation. My family and I enjoyed the meal plan created for the challenge and still cook them throughout the week. Overall I am very happy and satisfied with the challenge and would definitely do another in the future. A big thank you to the bluefit team”

Congratulations to all our members who participated in the challenge!

This is the first chapter of your new journey.

Take what you have learned from the challenge and continue to apply it to your new lifestyle.


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